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Sewage treatment plant

The sewage treatment plant is located at the end of the drive near The Cart house (Barn 5), it is enclosed by a post and rail fence. The soakaway is located in an area from the boundary fence of The Cart House to Tredown House, 20m out. The drains are over 3ft deep so will not be affected by any planting in this area though no building with footings is allowed here.


The treatment plant is on an annual service plan and is automatically serviced every 6months and emptied every 9 months at an approximate cost of £250 per barn, per year. Any parts needed are extra but at a discounted price because of the service plan.


There will be an automatic notification that goes out to the service provider if there is any problem at any time and they will come and fix it immediately.


So there is no need for any booking in for servicing or emptying. This is all done automatically which takes away all the hassle.


Rainwater off roofs and drives runs underground and discharges into a ditch beside the oak tree in The Cart House (barn 5) land.

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