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Pennycress Cottage

Pennycress Cottage - Kitchen

Pennycress Cottage - sitting room

Pennycress Cottage - Ensuite

Pennycress Cottage - Bedroom

Poppy Cottage

Poppy Cottage - living area

Poppy Cottage - Bedroom

Poppy Cottage - Sitting room

Poppy Cottage - Ensuite

Catmint Cottage

Catmint Cottage - Ensuite

Catmint Cottage - Sitting room

Catmint Cottage - Bedroom

Catmint Cottage - Kitchen

Rosebay Cottage

Rosebay Cottage - Bedroom

Rosebay Cottage - Sitting room

Rosebay Cottage - Ensuite

Rosebay Cottage - Kitchen and dining space

Elderberry Cottage

Elderberry Cottage - Landing

Elderberry Cottage - Kitchen and dining area

Elderberry Cottage - Bedroom

Elderberry Cottage - Sitting room

Aerial image

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