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Foxtail Meadow

Think of Devon and you think of its beautiful countryside, pretty villages, laid back country living and cottages oozing with charm. My name is Melanie Osborne and for 40 years my husband and I have been lovingly restoring old cottages and breathing life back into dilapidated country buildings, sympathetically maintaining Devon’s unique appeal and rural heritage with traditional building craftsmanship of the highest standard.

Old cottages often come at a cost with soaring heating and maintenance bills. As beautiful as they are they can also be quite remote and cut off which may sound wonderful but is certainly not for everyone.

So when we found Foxtail Meadow, located on the edge of the self-contained and pretty village of Bradworthy we came up with the idea to amalgamate our passion and knowledge with the demand for sustainable country living to create five energy efficient, brand new cottage styled homes.  Situated within an easy 5 minute walk to the village centre, we knew we had the opportunity to create something quite special.

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