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Your water is supplied by a borehole located on the far side of the access lane opposite the garden of Tredown Barton (Barn 1). A very common practice in Devon and Cornwall country areas and this borehole feeds all five barns. It is located in a raised manhole with a cover.


There is a 10,000 litre tank which constantly fills to provide ample water for all needs. The tank along with the filtration system and pumps is housed in the Eastern end of the garage building with its own separate entrance on the South side.


Each barn has its own key to access the pump house. There is a main stopcock and there is also a stopcock in the utility or kitchen of every barn.


The filtration system includes an iron and manganese filter, PH balancer and UV light. The water washes through these and then goes into the smart pump which recognises the amount of water being used and pumps accordingly so there is no loss of pressure.

Each barn has its own water meter and will pay proportionately for the servicing of the filtration plant which will amount to approximately £100 per barn per year. With a borehole, there will be no water rates to pay on top of the servicing charge.

The borehole requires electric to run. Its own electric meter is positioned near the main electricity supply that enters the site, opposite the garden of barn 1.


This supply also feeds the sewage treatment plant. The cost per barn per year for this electric will be split proportionately by the water used, measured by the individual water meters.


Should there ever be a malfunction, there is a number in the pump house to call and local service will arrive within two hours.

Saying that we have been on various bore holes for 37 years and only ever once, in fact recently, had an issue of a failed capacitor on our current borehole functioning perfectly for 19years. It was an inexpensive half hour fix. In fact it took him more time to walk to the borehole than replace the capacitor!


Incidentally the 10,000 litre tank holds plenty of water to last all barns functioning normally for a whole day without refilling.

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