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Garage and Mezzanine

The garage sizes are approx as follows…


Tredown Barton (barn1), The Old Dairy (barn 4) and The Cart House (barn5) - 5.6m x 4.3m

Barton Combe (Barn 2) and Little Combe (Barn 3) - 3.6m x 7.5m


The entrance height of the vehicle garage doors are 2.3m (7’6”) high. They will be retractable doors with glass in the top section.

There will also be a pedestrian door to each garage.

The floor will be smooth concrete with a chipboard floor above.

Every garage will have its own wooden staircase that leads to a storage space above.

The dividing walls between garages will be fireproof studwork.

The roof and side panels will be box section, insulated tin, in a complementary colour with perspex roof sheets for light.

Electrics and Lighting

Garages will have their own separate consumer units fed from each barn. LED fluorescent lighting both downstairs and upstairs in the workshop/storage area. 3 plug double sockets downstairs. Also a single socket to enable the option of an automated garage door.

Each garage will have capacity for an electric car charger.


The Pump House

This occupies a 2.5m x 5.6m section at the south eastern end of the building. This houses all the filtration system for the water. It has its own separate access door.


On the outer side of the Pump house each barn will have its individual lockable water tap for washing cars in either the additional parking space for boat, campervan, caravan or else in a designated car wash area. This water will not be filtrated so will not be suitable for drinking water.

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