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Gardens and Paddocks

 The Tredown barns development is highly unusual in that each barn has vast amounts of outdoor space with gardens and paddocks and lots of parking including garaging with workshops above. This is rare when it comes to barn conversions which often only have a front or back garden and no garaging at all, let alone any workshop space. In addition many new developments do not permit campervans or caravans whilst here at Tredown there are out of the way spaces, allocated for them.

Front gardens

The front gardens that face the drive and the original Tredown farmhouse opposite, will be laid to grass and have the neighbouring boundary bordered by low picket fencing. Paved footpaths will lead from the parking areas to the front doors where there will be a brick edged wide slate step.

Back Gardens

The back gardens are large and spacious.

Little Combe has the more compact garden though benefits from direct access to its garage and workshop space and further parking beside the garden.


Actual sizes of the gardens will be confirmed, as soon as the land layout plan is completed.


Neighbouring boundaries will be 6ft feather-edged fencing for privacy, shortening to 3 ft further out from the barns to allow access to views. The far garden boundary that runs parallel to the barns will also be 3ft high so not to obscure the lovely country views.


The garden will be laid to lawn with some shrubs and small trees planted.


The gardens will have a pedestrian access gate.


There will an outside tap, light and a waterproof electric socket against each back wall of the barns.


A brick-edged, slate step as at the front doors, will be built for the back doors and patio doors.

Additional Garden Areas

The Old Dairy and The Cart House will have an additional area of agricultural land beyond the gardens running up to the access track. This will be fenced with a pedestrian gate at the end to access the track.


The paddocks are situated beyond the access track. Each barn will have just over half an acre of land apart from The Cart House (barn5) which will have 2 acres. The additional land with The Old Dairy (barn 4) has been increased and now extends to just under an acre.


The paddocks will be fenced along the neighbouring boundary with post and wire sheep fencing in the field. Existing hedges, where applicable, will remain to delineate remaining boundaries.


We have put together an outline land plan here which shows the land to be included with each barn.


Each paddock will have a vehicular 12ft access gate with an area of hard standing, a stoned entrance section, to help prevent it from getting muddy.

The Access Track

This will be a stoned vehicular track to access both the paddocks and the back additional land of The Old Dairy (barn 4) and The Cart House (barn 5).


What You Can and Cannot Do on Agricultural Land

We are often asked this question.


Our understanding is that you can keep animals, plant trees, bulbs, bushes, create wildlife ponds etc.


What is not acceptable without planning is to put up any buildings with footings or put down paving so it looks like a back garden.


With paddocks though, you are entitled to an animal shelter so a simple planning application for a stable building would highly likely be accepted.


However saying all this, do double-check yourself and do the research.


We have enjoyed working with agricultural land for many years, doing the above and encouraging a whole host of fantastic wildlife which is so important to nurture and support our precious natural environment.

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