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Drive and hedges

The private drive is shared by the five barns, the farmhouse opposite and the modern barn conversion nearing the end of the lane.

It is a concrete drive that needs little maintenance.

The natural country hedges on either side will need cutting once a year and the cost shared between all seven properties. Judging by hedges we have cut on our own drive, it will amount to approximately £25-£30 per properties.

There is additional hedging to be cut around the campervan/caravan parking areas that again will amount to a nominal fee split between the five barns.

There is also the grass verges beside the drive that can be left to grow natural wild flowers or an arrangement can be made with the other properties as to what would be preferred. One of the property owners may be happy to take over the cutting of it for a nominal shared fee.

The drive that runs to the garages will be gravelled as well the areas around the garage.

All these areas are marked on the land layout plan which can be viewed on the website as soon as they have been approved by our legal team.


Information on the borehole costs can be found here on our 'Water Supply' page.


Shared maintenance and running costs at a glance


Approximate costs per barn per year


  • Water/borehole/electric -   proportionate to water used (no water rates)

  • Sewage treatment plant - £250

  • Gas LPG - £1,700  for a three-bedroom property (2020-2021)

  • Hedgerows - £50

  • Drive - no yearly cost, a lorry or two of top up chippings every few years - £200

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